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1U SERVER COLOThe Normal Price
Server I
1 AMP’s Power
100 MB Bandwidth
PDU Reboots
Fast Upgrades
$ 79.00 Order now
3U Server ColoFor fanatics
Server I
1.5 AMP Power
100 MB Bandwidth
PDU Reboots
Fast Upgrades
$ 149.00 Order now
4U Server Colo For fanatics
Server III
2.0 AMP Power
100 MB Bandwidth
PDU Reboots
Fast Upgrades
$ 199.00 Order now
Being a sever colocation provider in Ontario/California we would like to introduce you with what it means. Basically, this is a service that you pay for which allows you to store your company’s servers at an off-site location rather than keeping them at your own place of business. Our dedicated server colocation is a cost reduction option for businesses that are still storing their servers on-site.
We offer you the most reliable rack space for dedicated server colocation service in Ontario, California. These rack spaces are rented out within our data centers for your businesses to place your servers.
Businesses, that run their own website, e-mail and a database, get the benefit from this service, while keeping complete control. You are not using your own bandwidth when you switch from on-site servers to server colocation this is the major cost saving that you will see.
Our server colocation service allows you to place your server in high quality hosting facilities with excellent network connectivity. The Ontario Datacenter has a wide range of dedicated server solutions to suit your business requirements.
All Dedicated Servers has multiple OS options to choose from.
Our Dedicated Servers can be deployed in different data center locations. We are looking at launching a variety of
worldwide. Dedicated Server locations in the near future.
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