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Our data cages provide enhanced security to our clients server racks

Data cages provide a method of segregating customer racks and equipment into defined zones, providing a high level of security for equipment in any of our data centers that contains multiple users and racks.

With the ever increasing need to provide a secure method of housing equipment within a co-location data center environment, we offer data cages designed with the customer in mind.

Our rack and cage colocation is ideal for companies wanting to achieve absolute data security and confidentiality, but also want to benefit from various hosting options, as needs cage_colocation_odcrequire. We offer you a broad spectrum of options to choose from:
  • Rack space in full units
  • Half racks (20 U)
  • Full racks (40 U)
  • Private cage

Access to the premises is controlled by a secure key card system, that grants access to an individual rack as well.


We work with several providers of high-bandwidth / high-speed internet access. Multisourced access enable us to mitigate the risk of service interruptions. In addition, Ontario Datacenter has its own IP address area and its own AS, which makes Ontario Datacenter completely independent of any operator.

Additional services

In addition to space for your IT infrastructure, Ontario Datacenter offers personalized services according to your needs. For example:
  • Internet security solutions
  • Load balancing of servers
  • Storage and back-up services
  • Professional services according to your specific needs. Please talk to us, we’ll be glad to advise on any specific demand you might have

Your advantages

  • Redundant Power
  • Access available 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • 24 hour supervision by professional security personnel
  • Full supervision / control of your critical business processes and your information security
  • Clearly specified Service Level Agreements (SLAs )
  • Short and long term contracts
Being a Data Center Cage colo provider in Ontario California we would like to introduce you with what it means. Basically, this is a service that you pay for which allows you to store your company’s servers at an off-site location rather than keeping them at your own place of business. Our private cage colocation is a cost reduction option for businesses that are still storing their servers on-site.

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Private cages are rented out within our data centers for your businesses to place your servers and racks.

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